Wishdream's Starly Musings

Day 13 - Fun

Welcome to the fourteenth episode! #

DAY 13! It's just one of the most of funnest days I had since COVID-19.
So this day is just all about fun!

Carrying over from yesterday, I played SRB2Kart with people that is within my semi-public server.
So much so that we spent a lot of hours with 10+ consistent people and it was just awesome!
After all of that, I can safely say it'll be a staple on my server to play every week.

More than that, I do plan to branch out to other games and in this episode I talk all about it.
I also delve into the reason why I love playing multiplayer games and kind of it's lost form of fun that I had with it when I was small!

Give it a listen as I gush all about it~

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