Wishdream's Starly Musings

Day 4 - Decentralized

Welcome to the fifth episode! #

It's not exactly related to the challenge but I feel I should talk about it and it's an interesting revelation.


I found out that decentralized platforms are much more healthier.
Specifically how the Fediverse works in decentralization.

The big lesson here is...
To start not catering to popularity, but to people who are interested.
It just makes the experience much more less of a one way street but you're talking to real people.

I talk about decentralized platforms this episode, and how it changed my perceptions.

Things I did this day:

If you are interested in these platforms:
Mastodon - wishdream@sleeping.town
ShareTube - PeerTube Instance

You know, I find these platforms admirable with the goal of taking the internet back, and it's pretty nice.
And you know, it's nice to be kept grounded from the perception of being starstruck.

P.S. Good news! I got a new USB extension~! From here on out, audio should be clearer. Shoutout to my dear friend Fireson for it. Thanks so much ;w;

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