Wishdream's Starly Musings

Day 8 - Stream

Welcome to the ninth episode! #

Today is about how productive I can be with streaming!

Streaming is like a way to show the world what you got and today I did a 4-5 hour stream on Twitch and I see how having friends over in a Discord call is quite engaging. The entire time I was working on Astra's DSpecial animation, me and my friends were talking of what Ionia would be like!

We also tested my new songlist player over there and it went wonderfully!

Aside from that, I did refresh my OS system, did desktop cleaning and more on the audio log.

I also talked about what feels natural for me now. Let's check what is that?
The habits I'm natural with right now:

I think it's really nice that I'm starting to become more aware of these and that's a good thing. I may extend the number of days I'm doing this, mostly because I feel it's better to do it for two weeks.

To progress!

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